Tax Planning

Save more, pay less in taxes

Planning is key to minimizing tax liability

When it comes to tax advice, we take a pre-emptive approach helping our clients identify opportunities to protect their assets. We provide one-stop tax planning solutions designed for personal and corporate needs. Tax planning is a year-round endeavor that demands careful planning and consultancy. Our financial planning program is engineered to help you save as much as you can while fulfilling all the legal obligations.

Well-versed in various tax strategies, our financial experts effectively reduce the money you pay in taxes. We understand the significance of developing a sound tax strategy and integrating it with your overall financial management plan. Our tax knowledge and experience enable us to create effective and sustainable growth plans for our clients. We have extensive experience dealing with CRA on a variety of Income Tax issues and we will use that experience to your advantage.

Our process

Tax planning is the process of handling financial matters in a way that allows you to take advantage of provisions that permit you to maximize the amount you keep each year. We craft tax strategies depending on your financial circumstances. Strategies for maximizing retirement contributions, capital gains or losses, property ownership, etc. are applied differently depending on your specific goals and needs.

Our tax experts will review up to three years of your personal and corporate income tax returns to assist us in planning and preparing future Income Tax returns. Once your current return is completed, we prepare a plan for the next tax year to maximize the Tax Act to your benefit. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our highly streamlined and effective process focused on minimizing the tax burden on your income and investment.

Our expertise:

  • Strategic tax planning for individuals and businesses
  • Multi-state tax planning
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Tax minimization
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Tax compliance
  • International tax
  • Tax consulting

Let us prepare your portfolio
for long-term stability!

As your trusted tax advisors, we carefully anticipate how your financial situation could be impacted by tax laws. Our goal is to manage an effective tax rate so you can save more.

Planning is the key to effectively and legally reduce your tax liabilities. We utilize our knowledge and experience to proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.