Kewcorp Financial provides objective guidance in all areas of your financial situation. Looking for sound investment advice? Starting up or preparing for retirement? We help you attain all your financial goals.


Receive free initial consultation and financial advice. At Kewcorp, our main objective is to guide you in the right direction. When it comes to investments, planning for the future and taxes, things can get a little complicated. Let us make it simple. Select your area of interest below and fill out our simplified questionnaire. One of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.


    *A financial planner looks at your entire financial situation from a planning and monitoring perspective. A financial planner also provides objective guidance and advice, whereas, a financial advisor provides subjective advice. (ie. sales transaction)

    Financial AdviceFinancial Advice & Guidance

      *Investment vehicles have several options to choose from. Not all investments are created equal; i.e stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, segregated funds, saving account, etc.



        *Some plans offer guarantees, others do not.

        *Saving money for retirement is not the same as using money for retirement. Retirement vehicles vary.



          *Income tax is likely your biggest single annual expense. Preparing a tax plan is important. Small businesses and corporations often have their taxes prepared but fail to look at the next year.


            *An Estate Plan provides a blueprint on how you want your assets to be distributed.


            *If you pass away without a will (called in intestate) a court will decide how your assets and dependents will be treated upon your passing.

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            We are a Sherwood-Park based financial planning team. We have over 36 years of experience in comprehensive financial planning and have successfully assisted clients in personal and business financial matters. We specialize in making sure that your financial future is sound and secure.

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