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We are a Sherwood Park based financial planning team. We have over 36 years of experience in comprehensive financial planning, and have successfully assisted clients in personal and business financial matters. We specialize in making sure that your financial future is sound and secure.

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Tax Planning: Tips For Canadian Taxpayers

It’s a fact that many Canadians don’t pay due attention to strategies which can optimize their tax returns. By the time tax returns are filed, many tax-saving opportunities for the year are lost. Filing tax returns is an accounting exercise people have to undergo every year in order to settle their taxes. If you consult … Continue reading “Tax Planning: Tips For Canadian Taxpayers”

The Importance of Navigating Your Financial Roadmap

In today’s busy world, people neither have the time nor knowledge necessary to solve the financial complexities of modern life. They often need professional assistance to understand their financial situation and future needs. A considerate, thoughtful approach is necessary to streamline and secure your financial future. A significant number of Canadians acknowledge that they feel … Continue reading “The Importance of Navigating Your Financial Roadmap”

Key Components Of An Estate Plan

It is important for you to retain and protect your assets, and leave a lasting legacy for your family. People sometimes think that estate planning has everything to do with the wealthy. This misunderstanding can lead to unnecessary legal complications for survivors. Everyone can benefit from estate planning, whether rich or middle class, young or … Continue reading “Key Components Of An Estate Plan”

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