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Income Splitting: A Tax-Saving Strategy For Canadian Businesses

If you are a higher income taxpayer and own a business in Canada, you can split your income with a spouse to reduce your net income and taxable income. From reducing the taxpayer’s marginal tax rate to eliminating OAS clawbacks, income splitting can provide numerous benefits. You can transfer some of your income to your … Continue reading “Income Splitting: A Tax-Saving Strategy For Canadian Businesses”

How You Should Pay Yourself From A Corporation

If you are running a small business as a corporation in Canada, you may have a few different choices as to how to pay yourself. You can either receive payment in dividends or pay yourself as a business salary. You can also have a mix of both in order to reduce your taxes. There are … Continue reading “How You Should Pay Yourself From A Corporation”

A Step by Step Guide to Minimize Retirement Taxes

If you’re planning your retirement soon, or have already retired, then you will be aware of the significance of preparing an efficient retirement plan. Minimizing taxes on your retirement income is a crucial part of this plan and that can only be done successfully if you have an actionable plan or follow a guide on … Continue reading “A Step by Step Guide to Minimize Retirement Taxes”

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