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Understanding Supplement Health Insurance

Whether you’re retired, self-employed or between jobs, you must sign up for a suitable health care package for you and your family. Not having affordable protection against unexpected medical situations can create financial crisis down the road. If you own health insurance, it will help you reduce medical expenses such as vision care, physiotherapy, dental … Continue reading “Understanding Supplement Health Insurance”

The Importance Of Mortgage Life Insurance

After finding the right home and the right mortgage, the next step is choosing the right mortgage life insurance policy. While you can get mortgage life insurance from a number of different companies, it’s important to be careful when signing an agreement. Signing up for an insurance plan without proper research and consultation can get … Continue reading “The Importance Of Mortgage Life Insurance”

How To Develop An Appropriate Investment Strategy

It is critical for Canadians to take care of their financial health and make wise investments and financial decisions. While working with a financial advisor can provide numerous benefits, you should take an active interest in your investment-related affairs. It’s not about what you select but from where you select it. How will you allocate … Continue reading “How To Develop An Appropriate Investment Strategy”

What Canadians Need To Know About Travel Insurance

While many Canadians understand the significance of buying travel protection such as medical insurance and cancellation when traveling abroad, others don’t even think of a travel insurance plan when traveling within Canada. When you plan and prepare for a trip, don’t consider travel insurance an optional act of ensuring your protection. Your family, belongings and … Continue reading “What Canadians Need To Know About Travel Insurance”

Understanding Employee Pension Plans

It is advantageous for Canadians to work with an organization that provides its employees with a retirement savings plan. Retirement savings plans come in a range of different shapes and sizes. There is one thing in common in these plans: they make it easy for you to accomplish your retirement objectives. While employer-sponsored plans involve … Continue reading “Understanding Employee Pension Plans”

5 Critical Financial Steps To Take Before You Retire

Retirement planning is one of the most rewarding tasks you can do for yourself. It’s advisable to start early and discard the idea of waiting for the last day on the job. People who plan early are likely to be in a position where they can ensure financial stability in retirement. Retirement can be a … Continue reading “5 Critical Financial Steps To Take Before You Retire”

Registered Vs. Non-Registered Investment Accounts

What investment account should you invest in or when should you utilize a non-registered/registered account? Should you put money in TFSA or RRSP? What is the difference between registered and non-registered accounts? Canadians often find it difficult to answer these questions. While many Canadians understand the importance of savings for retirement, it’s crucial to select … Continue reading “Registered Vs. Non-Registered Investment Accounts”

Fundamentals Of Personal Financial Planning

Financial planning is a comprehensive, broad process. It’s important for a financial planner to take the big picture approach and consider every aspect of finances before recommending anything. If you’re seeking professional advice on your financial matters, make sure to work with a financial planner who knows how to balance your current needs with goals … Continue reading “Fundamentals Of Personal Financial Planning”

Factors Affecting Retirement In Canada

Proper planning is the only way to ensure financial stability when it comes to retirement. When it comes to planning, it’s inevitable to understand your current financial situation and how you want your retirement to be. The way people define retirement has completely changed. Today, retirement is acknowledged as a completely new and exciting phase … Continue reading “Factors Affecting Retirement In Canada”

How Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Health And Finances

Being a smoker, you probably understand what it takes to quit smoking. One-third of Canadian smokers are reported to have intentions to quit. Your intention to quit is strongly associated with the number of attempts you have taken in the past. Smoking is one of the leading causes of premature deaths in Canada. While considerable … Continue reading “How Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Health And Finances”

How To Develop A Tax-Smart Retirement Income Strategy

Canadians are living longer. A significant rise in average life expectancy has been observed over the past 25 years. This could have a serious impact on how Canadians think about their future and retirement. It becomes challenging to plan for retirement and create sustainable sources of lifetime income. Rising life expectancy is not the only … Continue reading “How To Develop A Tax-Smart Retirement Income Strategy”

Power of Attorney: Here Is What You Need To Know

There are many issues that must be considered when planning your estate. Addressing a potential situation where a person may become mentally or physically incapacitated is one of the final parts of estate planning. Power of Attorney is a legal document that empowers a person to act on your behalf. When you become unable to … Continue reading “Power of Attorney: Here Is What You Need To Know”